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Clay Soldiers Mod v6.2 [1.2.5]

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Мод добавляет в игру маленьких глиняных человечков, которые в разы меньше вас, таким образом вы сможете сделать свою армию, и идти на поле сражений.

Каждому из своих глиняных человечков вы сможете давать предметы, кормить их, лечить их, давать им лошадей чтобы они быстрее передвигались и т.д
Целый список очень долго переводить, там сотни предложений. Так что я вам дам всю информацию с картинками в латинском виде..

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Информация о человечках:

Posted Image

Of course it's not just clay! there's MUCH more you can do with your miniature armies! Choose from a variety of equipment, arm your men to the teeth, and have a showdown to see which type of assistance is more beneficial to survival! All you need to do is press q to drop an item on the ground for them. You can even drop a large pile, and the clay men will split it amongst themselves.

Posted Image

Since clay soldiers are so small, most conventional weapons such as swords and bows become unwieldy. So the most obvious thing to do is to start from the basics. A simple stick can easily be held by a clay soldier, and is their fundamental source of offensive power. It will randomly increase their attack by half a heart, or a full heart for 15 uses before it breaks.

Posted Image

Another thing to worry about is protection. Because they're so small, how could any kind of armor fit onto them? Well, it turns out that just one piece of leather can be easily folded into a handy chestplate, reducing every blow from a fellow soldier by 50% for 15 hits in total. Simple and classy.

Posted Image

As for the issue of health recovery, clay soldiers have the intrinsic ability to digest and break apart the atoms within carbon-based food products to produce raw element compunds that can repair their weakened molecular bonds. In short, they can eat food to gain health. Since one piece of food is too much for them, they will divide it into four meals and eat them correspondingly when their health gets low. Combining all four meals, any food item is enough to recover their entire health bar. This will work for any item of food (and for mushroom stew, they'll even eat the bowl). The only exception is cake - it's way too large for a clay soldier to carry all at once, so they won't accept it.

Posted Image

Moving onto more interesting things, clay soldiers seem to have the ability to recognize a monarch among their ranks. Gold is a symbol of power, so using their incredible metalsmithing skills they will craft a gold nugget into a crown and wear it. Each team will only have one king, unless the kings are so far away from each other that they can be considered as rulers of different regions. When one clay man becomes a king, the rest of the nearby team members will follow it diligently and stay very close. Some may wander due to the fact they technically have no eyes and cannot see their leader, but for the most part, they become a very tightly-knit society.

Posted Image

Everyone knows that anything can be made at least 5 times cooler if it glows in the dark. With lightstone dust, you can turn your soldiers into living glowsticks, and any night time battlefield into a raving disco dance floor! Keep track of your troops by using glowstone dust at night. Best of all, it lasts forever, just like our current torches

Posted Image

As if a gigantic clay war wasn't awesome enough, now you can add explosions into the mix! A clay man will instinctively incorporate sulfur into their basic body composition to make themselves appear "creepier" to their opponents. But those black specks aren't just for show! When a besulfured clay soldier meets his demise, a small explosion will bring his enemies along for the ride. It will also destroy three or four adjacent dirt blocks, but it's nothing to worry about.

Posted Image

For what they lack in cake-consuming ability, they make up for in their ability to eat sugar. Just one lump of it will send any soldier into a frenzied craze for a whole minute, making them more agile and greatly increasing their walking speed. They tend to be responsible though, and they won't eat another lump of sugar before the effect wears off.

Posted Image

In times of great despair, teammates fall and great armies die, leaving the tired souls of each individual fighter with nothing to do but rest for eternity. That's only the case for humans, though! Clay soldiers only become incapacitated when their bodies are too mangled to even bend a single joint. With a simple lump of clay, any soldier can patch up a fallen comrade's wounds and send him right back to the battlefield, effectively causing a full revival. One clay lump is enough to revive four fallen soldiers. Just don't expect any ressurecting to take place in the middle of a fierce battle.
Well, that information was all fine and dandy. But something just doesn't seem right... don't some soldiers ride mounts onto the battlefield so that they can really get the drop onto opponents? I mean, no army can truly be threatening unless it has the ability to harness the raw power and energy of one of nature's finest beasts. And well... oh, never mind. This mod does have mounts after all.

Posted Image

Indeed it is true, any clay soldier can be given the ultimate gift in times of war: something to sit on. Using dirt and soulsand, you can craft a few horses for your personal armies to use and enjoy. Horses have no team alleigance, so any soldier can use any horse. While a soldier rides a horse, he will experience greatly increased speed. Also, 50% of all incoming attacks directed at the soldier will instead affect the horse. The horse has 50% more health than the soldier, so in most cases, the horse will be taken as a prize for winning the fight.

Posted Image

When a clay soldier dies, his body will always be dropped on the ground in the form of a doll, so you can ressurect him again immediately if you just pick him up. You'll never lose a single soldier (unless you've given him gunpowder and he explodes), so you can keep the battles going for as long as you want! Make videos, post pictures, tell your friends, and heck, go outside and make some real clay soldiers or something. Just don't forget to download the mod, because you'll be missing out on one of the best things that ever got dug out of the sand!

Posted Image

For those looking to make even tougher soldiers, look no further than your nearest arts and crafts store. With simple materials like flint and cloth, your soldiers can enhance the equipment they already have! If a soldier has a stick and there is a piece of flint nearby, he'll use the flint to sharpen his stick for additional attack power! And if there is a block of wool nearby, an armored soldier can grab a handful and make some padding to lessen damage even further. The flint and cloth won't be consumed in the process, so they can be used infinitely! Remember, a cozier soldier with a sharper stick is a happier soldier.

Posted Image

As if sharper sticks wasn't enough, now there's an even better way to fight dirty! Redstone dust is good for mainly two things - nerding out your Minecraft world, and making people's eyes sting worse than a snail in a salt factory. If you give your soldiers a handful of redstone dust, they'll throw it in their opponents eyes to temporarily blind them. And while blind, a soldier is completely defenseless and unable to attack! It works for up to 2 uses, but if I were you, I'd bring a pair of goggles just in case any dust gets thrown astray.

Posted Image

For those stubborn opponents who seem to walk around everywhere when all you want them to do is stand still, there's slime. If you give your soldiers a slime ball, they'll make like Dr. Scholls and apply that green goo directly to the feet of their opponents. One slime ball is enough for two counts of adhesive. While a soldier's feet are stuck, they cannot move an inch. They can't be pushed or knocked back, and will only get free after about five seconds - or if the block underneath them is destroyed. Until then, they're just sitting ducks, so you might as well get out the bread crumbs.

Posted Image

You'll discover as you experiment with the clay soldiers that it's unfortunately very easy to get carried away. If you spawn too many of the soldiers, they have a propensity to find their way out of their battle arenas and into just about every nook and cranny in your world. When worse turns to worst, there's the Clay Disruptor. A handy little device made of 2/3 clay, 1/6 redstone and 1/6 stick, it's incredibly powerful when in the right hands. Pressing the shiny red button on the front causes the device to emit incredibly powerful radioactive waves that are capable of instantly killing nearby clay soldiers and causing cancer in small butterflies. Every time you use it, all soldiers in a 16 block radius are as good as toast. It lasts for 16 uses before it implodes upon itself and ceases to exist in our universe. And for some mysterious reason, it seems to work on dirt horses too. So if you're looking to cause some clay genocide, this is the right tool for the job.

Posted Image

So you've got a military force armed to the teeth with everything you can possibly give them. One problem: they are still made of clay, so when you talk about their guts... well, they don't really have a whole lot to talk about. That's where iron ingots come in handy. When you give a soldier an iron ingot, they will use it to craft themself a skeletal core, making them stronger and heavier. And as a result of this, the knockback of their strikes will be greatly increased! In turn, they will also fly back a much shorter distance when struck by someone else. Two ironed-up soldiers will cancel out each other, however. The downside to this powerup is that the poor old dirt horses can only handle so much weight, so a soldier with an iron core will not be able to ride one.

Posted Image

Clay soldiers can use a gravel block to create a supply of throwable rocks. One gravel block is enough for 15 shots. The clay soldiers will hold these rocks in their left hands, and throw the rocks when their enemies are within range. They will back off and try to play defensively, but if an enemy gets too close then they will resort to physical attacks. Also, do you remember those attack-enhancing powerups, like the slime and the redstone dust? Well those powers still apply to the rocks. With the right combination of powers, even just a few rock-throwing soldiers can be an unstoppable force.

Posted Image

Here's a little something we cooked up special for all of you. We'd like to thank a special fellow named "Popular Demand" for making this possible. Here's the thing: a ton of you seem to think this mod is about building a clay civilization with lots of pretty houses rather than fighting. You're incorrect of course, but I decided to do something for you anyway. And this is what you get: A clay soldier is now able to pick upSTACKS OF AT LEAST 5 LOGS. Hear that? Not one log, and not two logs. A stack of at least five logs or greater and up to a maximum of 20 logs. What do they do with said logs? They build houses, of course! There are three different random kinds of houses they can build. 5 logs builds a small abode, 10 logs creates a lavish livingspace, and a full 20 logs will fabricate a fabulous fortress (with a bonus chest of sticks inside!). To build these houses however, they will need a good deal of space and no other clay dudes around. Unfortunately, a clay soldier who is holding logs will basically forfeit their ability to fight, climb walls and even ride horses. But if they are attacked, they will drop their logs and defend themselves.

Posted Image

Another largely demanded feature was a better way to manage clay soldier equipment. Well, here it is. A clay soldier near a chest may look inside of it and see if there is any equipment they need. It may take a little while for them to notice a chest, but they will see it eventually. They'll take what they need instantly and leave the rest for everyone else. And if a soldier has clay, they can even bring teammates to life if their bodies are stored within a chest.

Posted Image

Use a fishing rod to guide a group of soldiers to a central location. We won't get into it, but adding the ability to control a soldier is both VERY difficult to do and causes LOTS of problems, mainly incompatibility with other mods. So, we had to compromise. As an alternate to this, you can also use a dye that is the same color as their team and they'll swarm around it.

Posted Image

It's everyone's favorite dimension-warping handheld tool again! This time, its power has been increased significantly. Not only can it instantly kill all clay-based lifeforms in the near area, but it can also instantly destroy all clay blocks in a 12-meter radius! This opens up a ton of possibilities for fun clay-based projects. Just make sure not to build a stadium out of clay blocks - you'll most likely regret it.

Posted Image

What's lighter than a feather? Not a clay soldier! But even so, troops can take advantage of a feather's marvelous air-resisting properties to parachute down from great heights. Once a clay soldier detects that it is falling from a high location and is at the risk of receiving fall damage, it will automatically deploy its carefully-hidden feather and glide down safely. But be careful! Any soldier which has a mount, a heavy iron core, or is carrying logs will not be able to use their feather.

Posted Image

It's the answer to two problems in one simple item! soldiers can't see far enough? Get goggles! Soldiers aren't cool enough? Get goggles!! This convenient piece of headgear extends a clay soldiers's sight range by 5 blocks and also functions as a stylish set of imitation eyes. And to make things even better, all you need is one glass block to make a set of goggles for your whole army! Just make sure to drop it on the ground with q.

Posted Image

A soldier will treat a pegasus mount just like a regular dirt horse, except this one will hover above the ground as its rider traverses the landscape! The snow pegasus can also survive more hits than a regular dirt horse, but at the same time, is just a little bit slower. This mount is craftable using snow blocks, soulsand and a feather. For more info on crafting, see the crafting section.

Posted Image

Unless there's something terribly wrong with you, you probably don't like seeing horse and pegasus carcasses littering the battlefield during an all-out clay war. For those who do have compassion for our miniature equine friends, this feature is for you! Clay soldiers now have the ability to revive horses, just the same as they would normally revive their friends. And they still use the same material to do so, which is clay lumps. It's hard to tell why that would actually work, but we're not asking questions.

Posted Image

This handly little addition enables any clay soldier to access a chest within a minecart! It even works as a unit shipment vehichle - load it up with clay dolls and clay lumps, then send it down the road! One cart could change the tide of any battle - and you decide who gets it!

Posted Image

And now, the secret feature! It is a secret so secret that not even the best secret-keepers know about it! It's so great, it's reason to celebrate! It's the ClayCam!
This incredible feature allows you to view the action close-up! Just right-click a soldier and see the action from over his shoulders! Pressing shift will disable the ClayCam. The smooth and quick camera movement allows you to see the detail of a war like you've never seen it before - until the unit dies, of course!

Posted Image

Despite the amount of clothes that clay soldiers are able to procure, there has never been a simple material for them to make a cape with. Well, now there finally is. Using a diamond, a clay soldier will not only craft himself a very flashy blue cape, but his abilities as a fighter will increase massively as a result! His health will be multiplies by twenty (20), his weapons and armor will last much longer, he will be able to use food and weapon add-ons for longer, and he will even have a permanent speed-boost effect! Just one super soldier can take down an entire army of foes! But exactly how long will one super soldier last? It's your job to find out!

Posted Image

And just when you thought the mod couldn't get any more intense... There's ZOMBIES! ...or VAMPIRES! ...or ALIENS! In fact, we don't really know what they are, but they're corrupted and evil! When a clay soldier grabs ahold of an enderman pearl, it gets infected with corruption. And suddenly, nothing else matters except spreading it. When a corrupted soldier attacks and kills another innocent soldier, it doesn't die... It gets all of its health back, becomes evil, and joins the corrupted horde! It doesn't matter what team he's on. A non-corrupted soldier is an enemy. And by the time you realize their piercing cries of agony, they'll already be gone. And they'll start coming... for YOU!!!
...And no matter what happens, don't let a super soldier get corrupted... or else you will have quite a problem on your hands.

-= new features in v.5 =-

Posted Image

For the more adventurous and devious of you clay commanders out there, we have discovered that clay soldiers can't tell the difference between sticks and blaze rods. Why is this something you should know? Weaponized Pyrotechnics of course! A rod-wielding soldier is capable of setting his targets ablaze, causing further damage on top of that from a regular stick! The soldiers have yet to find a way to make them sharper though. Oh yeah, we've also noticed some strange side effects on soldiers who are on fire...

Posted Image

Here we have a marvel of Clay Soldiers technology; the Brickman is so tough, that literally no clay soldier can kill it! Though, it can't move... Or attack... Really it's just like a soldier that's been knocked out, but it can't be revived by ordinary clay! This is caused when the soldier dies to fire, making fire resistance splash potions a good idea now. That is, if you don't want a bunch of bricks laying around wasting resources.

Posted Image

But don't fret over the incredible uselessness of your poor man of bricks! In fact, there's actually a save for these poor guys! Just pass a ghast tear over to some less-brickly clay soldier and your brick man will be revived into the same color soldier as the one who revived him! These brick soldiers only suffer from a sort of fire-based cryogenics and are totally preserved in the bricking process!

Posted Image

So your army found an enemy that just won't fall down, or your blaze rods don't brick enough soldiers? What's a commander to do? Get your soldiers angry! Just drop to them a bit of blaze powder and they will literally burn with anger! What does this help, you ask? The next thing they hit will instantly be bricked. Single hit kill. Not even that silly padded armor will protect your foes from this beastly attack! Your soldiers won't be the only ones raging!

Posted Image

You might not have figured it out, but clay soldiers REALLY like things that smell like them. And since they don't have eyes, they can't see colors; however they can smell what color something is! This behavior has allowed them to group together around a dye of their own color when dropped on the ground, but now it seems they can pick up the scent of a dye that is held too! Just hold one in your hand and any soldiers of that color nearby will scramble to your side! Now you can have a whole troop of summoned minions with you when you take over the world!

Posted Image

Have you ever looked at your cavalry and thought it seemed a bit... boring? Maybe you've wanted that beautiful white snow horse to be wingless in some occasions? Perhaps the dirt hose ruined your camouflage when fighting among tall grass? No? Well we sure thought so! We've done some research finding the best new materials for your miniature equestrian enjoyment! Now, you can craft your trusty steeds from Dirt, Snow, Sand, Gravel, Grass, or the oh so precious clay that we all love, with wings or without! There's also a blue rumor going about another type, but that's probably just nonsense. Also you might notice that some of these hoses are more capable or sturdy than others, that's usually what happens with substitutions.

Posted Image

Your soldiers cannot stand gravel artillery or you want additional armor besides leather? Then you will find this quite useful: with empty bowls the soldiers will use them to block gravel projectiles. Also they’ll use them to reduce taken damage. If the shields are worn, they’ll just break. But shielded soldiers won’t be able to pick up gravel to fight back; the shields are just too heavy. The same vice versa: Soldiers with gravel in their hand won’t be able to carry shields. They’re still being able to use all other things like sticks, blaze rods, redstone dust and so on.

-= new features in v.6 =-

Posted Image

We're back again, with many more things with the clay soldiers! First off, we've spent the past few weeks making an effort to break the black and white soldiers of their useless behavior patterns. It was slow going, but we finally did it. Also, we have found that giving them wheat or nether wart will cause any color of soldier to have the villager or brawler behavior, respectively. So we havn't fully lost that aspect, in case you REALLY want to use it...

Posted Image

With the white and black soldiers acting like any other dyed soldier, we felt there were some colors that were neglected. You can now make soldiers in cyan, magenta, light blue, light grey, and lime green! There is nothing special about them, they're normal soldiers. Also, with this comes the unusual Melon and Pumpkin soldiers. While these have unique crafting recipes, they are no different from the dyed soldiers except in appearence.

Posted Image

For those of you who, like me, would like to have a cape without being unfairly overpowered, we've tricked the soldiers into wearing paper on their back just like diamonds. There is absolutely no change in ability or behavior with this cape, but it does look nice!

Posted Image

Just a quick little note, there's now a way to reward your soldiers on a job well done! These cookies made with clay lumps and sugar are about as addictive to soldiers as real cookies are to people! A few soldiers can demolish a stack of these things in seconds! And though we don't reccomend over-feeding your soldiers, the only effect we've noticed is that occasionally pumpkin soldiers will become jack-o-lantern soldiers, and vice-versa.

Posted Image

Now a good something for you lovers of ranged weapons, we have two new options for you! If you give your soldier a snowball, it will be able to use a ranged knockback attack that deals no damage, but sends the target flying and slows them a bit. If you give your soldier a fire charge, your soldier will fling fireballs at its target for no direct damage, however setting them on fire for damage over time. Basicly a long distance blaze rod!

Posted Image

Again for you rangers, we have a neat upgrade! The soldiers will now use sugar canes to increase their throwing accuracy! This will work for all three ranged attacks; gravel, snowball, and fireball. Only thing that can stop you now is a shield!

Posted Image

Speaking of shields, we have some changes for those too. We felt the shields looked a bit... boring. So we turned them into little bucklers, and added a way to improve them. A single iron block will allow an army to add metal studs to their shields! Not only does this look nice, but it extends the durability and effectiveness of the shield. These new shields will now last longer, and have a chance to defend against most harmful effect items, including BLAZE POWDER. It's not a big chance, but we have had shield-bearing soldiers survive multiple hits from it, by being lucky.

Posted Image

Now for something I've been looking forward to! Mushrooms now have a use! Brown mushrooms are nothing new, they work just like food, providing the soldiers with a way to heal themselves. However, it only lasts for two healings instead of four. Red mushrooms on the other hand, give the soldier two counts of deadly toxin to inject into enemies for a quick kill. From our testing, the poison allows the target to make one more attack after the poison being administered, but that's about it.

Posted Image

There's a special new weapon this time around. Bones are pretty simple; only kings can use them, and they're the best weapon available. They do the same physical damage as a sharpened stick, however they last twice as long and have a slightly larger attack range. This last fact might not be noticable, but it IS effective. Also, you may be thinking, "Lasts twice as long? It'll never break! D:" Well I assure you, it will eventually break, that is inevitable. However it gets over a hundred hits on a diamond super soldier.

Posted Image

So you think blaze rods are too weak? Let's change that. Coal now provides any soldier with a blaze rod or fire charge some fuel to prolong the time their victims suffer the rage of their flames. One piece of coal is enough to upgrade one soldier for both items, and it will double the burn time of things they hit. Have at it, pyromaniacs!

Posted Image

We have a lot of melon-based things in this update, including giving a soldier a golden melon. This item will allow a soldier to heal its allies up to four times! Of course, this means they will not attack until they run out of melon. So far in our testing, one soldier with a melon will allow one ally to defeat two enemies with ease. Oh, and a small warning, these melons do not work on neutral grey soldiers, or on wheated villagers, and is incompatible with all weapons.

Posted Image

This is a really fun upgrade, with two totally different effects. Firstly, a soldier carrying magma cream will have random critical hits, making it slightly more powerful if it is lucky. Secondly, much like gunpowder, it will cause an explosion on death. However, it is a small, timed explosion on the soldier that killed it. Of course with this effect, you can not use this item at the same time as gunpowder, so it's a good optional choice.

Posted Image

Now for water! In this update, all soldiers will sink to the bottom of any water, and are fully immune to drowning. However, they seem to have trouble fighting under water. That's where these new Lilly Pants come in! These little green trousers will allow the soldier to float, and almost walk on top of the water, as well as looking cool with their little clay butts covered!

Posted Image

And if pants that act as floation devices are not your think, you can use the new turtle mounts. These adorable things come in five flavors; cobblestone, moss stone, netherack, sandstone, and melon. All five types are capable of floating just under the surface of the water, allowing its rider to fight unhindered. Also, much like horses, some incoming attacks will hit the turtle instead of the rider. If this happens, the attacker will take a small portion of the damage, making these turtles invaluble on the battlefield.

Posted Image

Lastly, we have heard your calls, and have done it. There are now two ways to make any colored soldier become grey again. Simply craft the soldier with a bucket of water and it will revert to its original natural color. No worries, you won't lose your bucket. The other method will allow you to smelt any soldier into a brick soldier, which can then be crafted with a ghast tear into a neutral grey soldier! Both of these recipes are shapeless, meaning you don't have to remember their patterns.

Posted Image Posted Image

Posted Image Posted Image

Posted Image

Лошади, Пегасы, Черепахи:
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Глиняный дисруптор, Глиняное печенье:
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у меня не крафтит нефига

23    zero65 - Пользователи | 10 марта 2012 17:33

Комментарии: 8
помогите как делать так чтоб они сторили себе дом

24    leonardo212 - Пользователи | 10 марта 2012 19:54

Комментарии: 52
кидаешь им стак дереваи все

25    egorkasa - Пользователи | 11 марта 2012 08:10

Комментарии: 29
у меня кирпичные не ставится

26    DEADShot - Пользователи | 11 марта 2012 10:53

Комментарии: 6
Поставил мод наконец то!! Поиграл вообще понравилось!! Спасибо!

27    михель - Пользователи | 17 марта 2012 04:18

Комментарии: 83
умка не переведет поэтому зайдите сюда и сами посмотрите http://ru.minecraftwiki.net/Koda%27s_Clay_Soldier

28    Ego - Пользователи | 19 марта 2012 19:04

Комментарии: 48
Йохохо сделаю карту по этому моду !

29    i like minecraft - Пользователи | 19 марта 2012 21:27

Комментарии: 94
они бьют враждебных мобов smile-29

30    gribo4eg - Пользователи | 20 марта 2012 01:24

Комментарии: 38
Отбери у них паспорта хДД

А так мод супер)) Можно создать свою армию "мини-криперов" и идти к соседям играть хД

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